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Hi, I’m Dimple Jain

Welcome to the DJ Planner Club!!

Hi, I’m Dimple Jain

Welcome to the DJ planner club!!

Quality Is My Passion

I design Journals  for Tweens that help them as they manuaer their path to teenagers. As a mom of two tweens, I know how hard it is to try and understand their need to be independent yet wanting them to be your baby always. My kids, aged 9 and 12, are trying to figure out where they stand, advancing from childhood and far from adulthood. Journaling is  helping  them to organize their thoughts, discover their strengths and build up self esteem. So I have designed the Journals with Weekly and Daily Planner Pages to keep track and plan. The also have activity pages that help tweens discover their strengths, build up self esteem and also infographics on various topics.

The journals are customisable with names in Gold foil. So, it addresses the young ones directly, reminding them how awesome they are!!